Megan Hess’ exhibition comes to Seoul as the first city of its Asia tour.

Megan Hess ICONIC EXHIBIT Seoul Korea ~APRIL 28 2019

Megan Hess

Megan Hess

Born in Australia, Megan Hess is the most famous and influential fashion illustrator in the world. Her works are not just simple fashion illustrations. In her works, women are described as self-loving figures who are always confident and brave. Although she began her career as a designer, her life changed all of sudden because Candace Bushnell asked to draw illustrations for all of her books.After that, she began collaborating with worldwide luxury brands and the fame lead her to have the honor to draw the portrait of Michelle Obama.
Now, Megan Hess is in charge of art directing Oetker Collection, the luxury hotel brand and she is also collaborating with numerous brands while working for her own works.

Megan's book

A total of six books has been published by Megan Hess. Paris, New York, Coco Chanel, The Dress and Fashion House are bestsellers in the world. Having two children, she is anticipating her release of the book "Claris", a fairy tale book for children.

Luxury Brand

The luxury brands that Megan Hess collaborated are the following: Christian Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Cartier, Prada, Versace, Tiffany, Givenchy, Montblanc, Balmain, Mercedes-Benz. She also worked with other corporations and publishers along with Times, Disney figures and Michelle Obama.


Megan Hess actively participated in the global campaign for ovarian cancer. Through her works, she gives courage and confidence to women.

Megan Hess in Seoul "ICONIC" EXHIBITION

Megan Hess “Iconic”: The first exhibition of Asia Tour

About art director

The message of “Megan Hess Iconic” exhibition is Courage, Confidence and Love. It is an exhibition for the hope and accomplishment of our dreams that always dream of being self-confident through the work of Megan Hess. Also, the inside of exhibition space will be decorated in a style fit into the works of illustrator o that visitor can have an indirect experience of being a fashion week model and travel a fashion city. Art director Yohan Choi Mr. Choi is a director and artist himself who tries to introduce various art genre through internationally famous artists who are not well known in Korea. Mr. Choi had carried out various blockbuster exhibition including 
Audrey Hepburn(person), Mr. Brainwash( Street Pop art), 
David Lachapelle (Contemporary art), 
Art in Sketch (Youngman Heo, Taeho Yoon) and he is in charge of Head Directing for Megan Hess exhibition for Asia Tour. TICKET
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